• Background

    On the line designs are a creative and digital design agency that is based in West Lothian, Scotland. Creating websites for our clients to advertise their services and designing brands that relate to their business while having a nice clean finish.

  • Approach

    We like to learn as much as we can about you as a business and come up with design solutions to cater to the problems. Paying attention to details to get every aspect of a project right. Planning each task and organisation is key to a successful project to meet with desired deadlines.

  • Philosophy

    Too much information and detail can be overwelming which can lose the audience's interest. Going for quality over quantity is something we like to keep in mind when designing. Our philosophy when designing is to make our work is easy on the eye with just the right amount of detail and information.


Here's our process.

In The Beginning

We like to have a chat about your business and gather as much information as we can. Looking at the services required to carry out the project and discuss the deadline. Research is next stage of the process to gather more information regarding the market your business is in and the type of audience you want to attract.

Ideas Come To Life

Once the information has been researched and gathered, it is time to start drawing up ideas. We start the mockup phase, where all ideas are sketched out with different variations to find the best solution.

Testing and Launch

The final stage of our design process. Every design variation has been experimented with and tested while making sure that you are happy with the result and get your feedback on the design itself and . We then prepare for the launch and get everything in position.